I’ll be honest: had I not been approved for the fanlisting, I probably wouldn’t have made this site. As is made clear in the Oracle section, the prequel film Kingsglaive made me fall in love with Luna, but I had a lot of issues with how her character was further explored in the game. It didn’t sound like ideal fansite material, at least not to me.

Yet when I was approved, I thought about just how I would approach making a site for Luna. Given that FFXV is lacking in both plot and characterization, I opted not to frame the site around those angles but instead through various lenses by which I could look at Luna. The idea sounded promising enough that it was worth trying out, and, well, here we are.

Honestly, this site was more fun to make than I expected. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a character site of this size and depth, and FFXV’s faults actually turned out to be a positive in that regard as they limited the scope of this site. It was also a really interesting challenge to make a site for a subject I'm this critical about — a character I genuinely like, but with which I have a lot of issues, writing-wise.

The site name came to me out of the blue; I had Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer stuck in my head, although I had misremembered the lyrics as "silver moon falling" (which I didn't realize until I looked it up just now...). I considered naming the site "Moonfall," and it might have been more accurate, but it seemed like a potential spoiler and I liked how this flowed.

Layout & Credits

I wasn't quite sure at first what I wanted to do for this design; these days I write all of my content before making layouts, mostly to let the former dictate the latter. Since this is a smaller site I wanted to go with a smaller content area, which is unlike what I've been doing for other recent layouts, but I think it worked out. The coding turned out to be a bit of a mess; thanks to Masao for helping me debug it.

Resources used in this design are by lovelytrash.org (defunct) and subtlepatterns. Kingsglaive screencaps are from FilmScreencaps.com. Game screencaps came from various Youtube videos, but most are from this one. Thanks to Springfield! Springfield! for the Kingsglaive script, which was an invaluable resource. Thanks to superespresso on tumblr for letting me use translations from the FFXV Ultimania.

Thanks to Emma for proofreading the content for me, and thanks to everyone on Twitter for cheering me on. ♥